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Occupational Psychiatry--Independent Psychiatric Evaluations--Workers' Compensation

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Occupational Psychiatry--Independent Psychiatric Evaluations--Workers' Compensation


IME's and Therapy


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Yakima, Washington is a city of 80,000 in central Washington, with a regional population of 229,000.  The economy is based on agriculture, including apples, wine grapes, hops and craft beer production, and row crops.

I am a board-certified psychiatrist, a board-eligible child psychiatrist, and a certified group psychotherapist.   Psychiatrists have medical training and prescribe medications when appropriate. I provide individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, psychiatric treatment evaluations, complex independent medical evaluations, and do regular writing and research. I have a 20 year involvement with occupational psychiatry, and provide organizational consultation and executive coaching.

A Psychiatric Evaluation requires 90 minutes face to face. As an additional part of the evaluation the MMPI-2 or MMPI-2-RF is administered by computer which requires an additional 60-90 minutes. The findings are explained to the patient in the evaluation encounter. I have formal training in the administration and interpretation of the MMPI-2 and MMPI-2-RF and have published peer reviewed papers and chapters that discuss its use in this context.

Psychotherapy is usually undertaken on a one time per week basis at the beginning of treatment. All treatment plans are discussed with the patient. My theoretical orientation is psychodynamic and analytically oriented with an emphasis understanding and changing "here and now" feelings and behavior. Treatment may be brief, intermediate duration or long term, depending on the problems being addressed and patient preference.

Occupational Psychiatry, including the evaluation and treatment of patients with workplace injuries is a major interest of mine, and I have authored peer reviewed invited papers and chapters in the field from 2000 through the present.

Independent psychiatric evaluations (IME's) conducted both for plaintiff and defense attorneys, particularly within the Worker's Compensation arena, and also including personal injury evaluations. I perform Psychiatric treatment consultations at the request of physicians, both privately and at the request of the Department of Labor and Industries.I am trained in the administration and interpretation of the MMPI-2 and MMPI-2-RF and they are administered to all evaluees routinely. Consult my 2010 Harvard Review of Psychiatriy article and the soon to be published chapter in the 3rd Edition of Medical Care of the Psychiatric Patient, Fogel and Greenberg Editors, New York, Oxford Univeristy Press for more technical information regarding psychiatric assessment.

Insurance --  I am in the Premera Blue Cross (most plans) and Regence (most plans) preferred provider networks. I am a psychiatric provider for the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries and a consultative examiner for Disability Determination Services of Washington State.

Research: I initiated a multi-year research project assessing the relationship of various scales of the MMPI-2 and MMPI-2-RF to subject characteristics in a population sample of >500 which will attempt to determine if any scales are predictive of a positive or negative response to psychiatric treatment. I also hope to use serial data collected on persons over the course of treatment (anonymously) to measure the efficacy of different forms of psychiatric treatment for specific diagnoses with and without co-morbidity (more than one diagnosed psychiatric condition). I have received in-kind support from the University of Minnesota Press for this project.

"Tips for Conducting Disability Evaluations" in May 2014 Psychiatric Times by C. Donald Williams MD CGP and Greg Couser MD.

Group psychotherapy, including cognitively and analytically oriented individual psychotherapy groups for adults. 

I offer Organizational Consultation,  assisting public or private sector companies with up to 500 employees that are experiencing a business threatening crisis--either with a key employee or with the organization as a whole.

Executive coaching designed to maximize leader effectiveness.  Executive coaching focuses on improving leadership skills, drawing upon the existing strengths and talents of the individual, and developing strategies for improving leadership effectiveness.  

The Academy of Occupational and Organizational Psychiatry (AOOP) brings together psychiatrists and other health care professionals and consultants who are interested in establishing relationships with colleagues in organizational psychiatry. The 2012 meeting was held in at the University Club of Chicago, Chicago, Ill. Go to www.aoop.org for information regarding the April 25-27, 2014 meeting at the University Club of Chicago. Make your reservations in advance at the Palmer House Hilton, the Hampton Majestic, the Hard Rock, or the Burnham Hotel.

Vision Statement

How I became interested in psychiatry can be viewed here.

Mission Statement

My practice objective is to provide high quality professional psychiatric services to patients and other medical, legal, and insurance professionals.  This includes:


Same day return of phone calls to patients and other professionals


Prompt refills of medications


The discipline and commitment to provide complete reports of consultations to referring physicians and other professionals, as well as IME's within 5 business days of completion, utilizing on-site transcription services and voice recognition technology (complex cases with substantial file review may require more time)


Continuous monitoring and review of treatment plans with patient participation


The return of patients to health and function as efficiently and as safely as possible


Contributing to the advance of professional knowledge through research, study, writing and the teaching of other professionals at professional meetings and conferences


Utilization of quality professionals for consultation, referrals, and second opinions


Treating all patients and professionals with consideration and respect

Publications related to psychiatric disability, treatment, and assessment can be accessed by clicking the publications button.

Disability information


Preventing Needless Work Disability by Helping People Stay Employed--this document (in .PDF format) addresses how Worker's Compensation programs could be improved to promote injured worker health and functioning and also provide more effective medical care and improved claims management. This document was subsequently modified by the ACOEM board, and their version can be viewed on their website.  I contributed to this report from the Stay at Work/Return to Work Committee. It is the product of more than two years of effort, and was spearheaded by Chairperson Jennifer Christian M.D., CEO of Webility Inc.


Literature References related to Psychiatric Disability and Return to Work


Click on the link to view the text of a July 2003 article in Psychiatric Times on Social Security Disability Evaluations.


PowerPoint slide shows of the presentations of Social Security Disability Evaluations and Independent Medical Evaluations presented at the January 2005 Pre-Conference Workshop may be viewed by clicking on either link. A broadband connection will be helpful in speeding the download.  They were prepared for the courses at the January 15-17, 2005 Annual meeting of AOOP.

News related to Pandemic influenza


Government websites of interest

Website location of contact information to become a Consultative Examiner for Social Security with listings for all states--http://www.ssa.gov/disability/professionals/procontacts.htm

Comprehensive report of Surgeon General of United States on Mental Health--This is a current  comprehensive report on mental health and treatment and is an excellent reference.

Social Security Blue Book, now on line for easy reference.

Colleague websites of interest

Key People Resources--A Boston based consultative organization headed by Ron Schouten JD MD, Assoc. Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School and former AOOP President--"KPRI is in the business of helping your business by supporting the organization and its most important assets to prepare for crises and respond to them. Our unique combination of medical intelligence services, behavioral health support, and organizational consultation skills allows us to help your organization manage the evolving challenges you face."

Morrison and Associates--An executive and organizational consultation firm with 25 years of experience providing multifaceted assessment and consultation to municipal, public, and private corporations, headquartered in the greater Chicago region. "We are a business consulting firm helping organizations to become more effective by Turning Resistance into Motivation into Performance." 

WorkpsychCorp--A Manhattan and Scarsdale based consultation firm headed by former AOOP President Jeff Kahn MD.

Professional organizational websites

American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law

American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

American Group Psychotherapy Association

American Medical Association

Academy of Organizational and Occupational Psychiatry

American Psychiatric Association

Professional Practice Profile

Our staff includes C. Donald Williams, MD CGP and Sandra Gabel-Onkels, Executive Administrator.

Contact Information 


509-457-4611 for scheduling and general information.

Scheduling is by appointment only.

Regular office telephone hours are Monday--Thursday, 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Friday 8:45 am to 12:30 p.m.; the office is open but calls are switched to the answering service Friday 2:00 pm to 6 p.m.

Messages can be left at 509-457-4611 with the answering service 24 hours per day.



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402 E Yakima Ave, Suite 1080  Yakima, WA 98901 USA

Electronic Mail:            cdonald@aol.com



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