I am a board-certified psychiatrist, a board-eligible child psychiatrist, and a certified group psychotherapist. Psychiatrists are medical doctors and prescribe medications when appropriate to the condition being treated. I provide individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, psychiatric treatment evaluations, complex independent medical evaluations, and do regular peer-reviewed writing and presentations, as well as original research.

Mission Statement:

My practice objective is to provide high quality professional psychiatric services to patients and other medical, legal, and insurance professionals. This includes:

  • Same day return of phone calls to patients and other professionals
  • Prompt refills of medications
  • The discipline and commitment to provide complete reports of consultations to referring physicians and other professionals, as well as IME’s within 10 business days of completion, utilizing voice recognition technology
  • Continuous monitoring and review of treatment plans with patient participation
  • The return of patients to health and function as efficiently and safely as possible
  • Contributing to the advance of professional knowledge through research, study, writing and the teaching of other professionals at professional meetings and conferences
  • Utilization of quality professionals for consultation, referrals, and second opinions
  • Treating all patients and professionals with consideration and respect